I am a Rock (2016)

I Am A Rock (Rietveld Graduation Project 2016) is a mixed media installation consisting of latex sculptures, posters and video work. You step inside a working space- a strange laboratory. The entire room, including its objects, is one sculpture. There are many references to rocks and stones yet most of the stones in the room seem to have lost any material connection to the rocks we know. A rock speaks in a video, “I am a rock, I could be an island if I wanted to. You see, it’s all a matter of perception.”

Malleable Flesh (2015)


A film and installation that gives a look into the traditions of a strange sub-culture. As they prepare themselves, pulling on their skin colored garments, covering their faces in latex masks, all we can do is wonder: What is it that they’re getting ready for?
Malleable Flesh was exhibited during: